Monday, September 19, 2011


Serengeti, a name to conjure with! It covers 12,000 square miles in the northwest part of Tanzania, extending up into Kenya (where it's called Maasai Mara National Park). Its name is well-derived from a Maasai word meaning 'endless plain.' Our tented camp is quite luxurious; each tent has a flush toilet and hot showers, the latter fed by camp employees hoisting water to the rooftop cistern via buckets filled from large cauldrons heated over wood and available only after we return from our game drives.

The camp backs up onto a magnificent kopje, an Africaans word for the many rock outcroppings found all over Serengeti.
The camp is on a site favored by the late documentary filmmaker Alan Root, who also did a lot of work for National Geographic. Below is a thatch-roof open platform where he used to live when he was working in Serengeti.

And you can see from the view why he picked that spot:

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