Monday, September 19, 2011

Tangarire National Park

Tangarire is a large park quite near Arusha, although we stayed at a tented lodge nearby instead of in town, which was much more fun. Here's a view of Lake Burunge from the front deck of our tent:

Can't say they don't have a sense of humor at the park:

One of the major attractions of Tangarire is the wonderful baobob trees, which look like they were ripped out of the ground, then stuck back in the hole upside down. And yes, that's the first animal you'll see standing in its shade, but you won't see many again in this blog for a while. I've decided that instead of being strictly chronological, as I usually am, nobody probably cares which park this or that elephant or zebra is in, so I'm clustering all the animal photos at the end by species.

Strangely, baobob do actually flower:

My favorite African tree, though, are these beautiful flat-topped acacia, which the weaver birds love, too, as you can see from all the nests festooning this one:

Great shaggy things (although some weaver species are tidier), but they must do the job.

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