Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Parthenon

The hill on which the Parthenon sits affords an amazing view of the city of Athens and of amphitheaters and other ruins at its base:

Mt. Lycabettus, really more of a hill, where the night photo of the Parthenon in the prior entry was taken from; unfortunately because of the atmospheric haze/smog, you can't really see the 19th century Chapel of St. George at the top:

The Roman agora; the main building you see below is Temple of Hephaistos, also known as the Hephaisteion or Theseion, dating from 449 B.C.

In the lower right is the church of the Holy Apostles Solaki, a mid-Byzantine church from the end of the 10th century, ironically built on the foundation of a 2nd century A.D. nymphaeum (a monument consecrated to the nymphs, especially those of springs.
And beyond it all, the modern city of Athens:

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