Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Analamazotra Forest and Vakona Forest Lodge

For all of our destinations, we flew out of the capital, but this next stop actually had a decent paved road, so we drove. Alas, it was bucketing down rain, the road was mountainous and twisting, and we had a crazed driver who was evidently saving energy by not using either the headlights or windshield wipers. It's little short of a miracle that we actually survived the ride. The Vakona Forest Lodge is 7 km of bad dirt road from the highway, so at least that part slowed him down.

Because it's rainforest, there are lots and lots of critters there:

Calumma Globular Chameleon

Nile crocodiles, raised for food and skins

green lizard

Parson's chameleon, with admiring fan:

There are a few interesting plants, too, and a surprising number of roses growing pretty much wild. I suspect they were introduced by the French and just left to their own devices after Madagascar gained its independence.

Another of those beautiful Traveler's Palms

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