Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ft. Dauphin and Reserve Nahampoana

Our next port of call was Ft. Dauphin, on the south coast. Accommodations were generally so basic, not to say spartan, in Madagascar, that I lost all control and photographed my hotel room!

But the star attraction in Ft. Dauphin is the 67-hectare Reserve Nahampoana, formerly a private garden. It hosts lemurs, including a few not from the area originally, tortoises, etc.

Ringtail lemur and baby:

A little video:

Verreaux's sifaka:

The underside of a spider tortoise - somewhere later on there will be photos of the other side!

Madagascar traveler's palm - all the fronds grow in one plane:

The Reserve had the large Albizia julibrissin tree I've ever seen. It's a particular favorite of mine, sometimes called the Mimosa or silk tree in the American South.   

It has pretty puffball pink and yellow flowers carried on the tops of the branches, so it's a lovely tree to look down on:

 Some pretty lily:

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