Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Morondava - Critters and Birds

The largest (about 20 lbs) carnivorous mammal on Madagascar is the endemic fossa. It's a tree climber and about half its diet consists of lemurs. There was a tame-ish one hanging around another camp I visited:

A mongoose, which I think we might be forgiven for mistaking for a squirrel:

And one of the more peculiar insects I've ever seen, the flatid bug. These are juveniles:

The birds are trickier to photograph, but I did my best. Here's a Madagascar Hoopoe:

A female Magpie Robin:
Her mate is an altogether flashier proposition:

This beauty is a male juvenile Paradise Flycatcher. He was, fortunately for me, engaging in a aerial skirmish with a mature male, who is the handsome black and white number following:


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