Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nosy Mangabe Special Reserve

The main reason people go to Maroansetra is to visit the Nosy Mangabe Special Reserve, on an island about an hour out of Maroansetra.

There are some very old tombs on the higher ground of the island:

Plenty of smaller critters, like this tiny Brookesia chameleon
 Green Crabs

 Green gecko

Tiny poisonous Mantilla frog:


No shortage of interesting plant life, either:
 Jackfruit tree
 shelf fungus
 Tulip tree blossoms

You might be more interested in our Brown lemur lunch companions, however...

A video of one of these up in a tree, undecided about lunch:

Later, we saw a white-ruffed lemur:

 Back on the mainland, we visited the town of Masaola, where you can buy coconut plants and just about anything else you can imagine wanting.

 And we found out where old sewing machines go to die:

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