Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Berenty - a walk in the bush

And the bush at Berenty Reserve is spiny indeed, but very rewarding. Madagascar ocotillo - Alluaudia procera

Magnificent baobabs, and one of them even provides a seat for a weary guide:

We came across some men gathering to track a cattle thief along the riverside:

There was a beautiful Cretivia tree along the riverbank:

Plenty of reptilian life in Madagascar, like these chameleons:

 His little friend, Dromicodryas bernieri:

A ground boa:

A radiated tortoise:

Spider tortoises:

A skink:

More of those weird flatid leaf bugs:

A golden spider :

A Madagascar hissing cockroach, which does, indeed, hiss:

And a scorpion:

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