Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Impressions of Vietnam

Dozens of lovely schoolgirls on bikes or on foot in their beautiful ao dais

Road accommodating men pulling carts, pedestrians, bicycles, tricycles, motorbikes, cyclos, trucks and buses, all honking madly so much that no one really pays any attention

White and fuschia bougainvillea, both colors growing on the same plant, although no one in the U.S. has ever believed this; I've seen this particular bougainvillea all over Southeast Asia

Piles of coconuts for sale at the Danang airport

Airline staff ao dai costumes of navy silk over chartreuse pants -- stunning

Vehicle back-up signals that play a tune instead of beeping monotonously; and the garbage trucks play a continuous tune, like ice-cream trucks here, so you'll know when to bring your trash out for collection

Oreos and Pringles hard by banana-sesame candy in the concession shops

French colonial architecture (mansard roofs predominating) and Chinese style buildings cheek by jowl.

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