Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yaroslavl to Uglich

We had a little time to kill in Yaroslavl before we left, so of course, I took pictures of the buildings!

Welcome to Uglich (Ooh-glitch) -- got nothing to do with "ugly!" It's a gorgeous town, founded in 1148 at a point where the Volga River makes a sharp bend. Catherine the Great visited here; a great "Westernizer," she ordered the town's layout changed to be more symmetrical. Stalin's various five-year plans called for a hydroelectric plant at Uglich, a stonecutting plant and cheese manufactory. Even today, half a million Chaika watches are turned out in a factory just outside of town. Unfortunately, in the process Uglich lost half of its churches and many buildings were flooded. Still, as you can see, it retains much charm.

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