Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cango Wildlife Park - Oudtshoorn

Somehow I forgot to include these photos when I was working on the section about Oudtshorn, but the way blogs are timed, I can't go back and insert it where it belongs, so just bear with me. Kit was interested in petting cheetahs and the one place I knew we could do that was at the Cango Wildlife Park in Oudtshoorn, so we headed off to check it out. They have lots of wildlife besides big cats; here are a few:

Dik-dik, a tiny antelope that might weigh no more than about 15 pounds fully grown:

Some kind of starling:


A South American Pale-winged Trumpeter:


Leopard, indifferent:

White tiger, bored:

Spotted-necked Otter, not really interested in being photographed:

Ring-tailed lemurs:
Marabou stork:

Cape vulture:
Red River Hog:

Pygmy hippo:

Kit pets her baby cheetah:

Mine's a bit more blasé about the whole thing:

And that, I'm afraid is the end of our four-week-long sojourn in Namibia and South Africa. After 30+ hours in transit home, I'm happy to stay put for a while, although I do have a few possible destinations in mind for next year... ;)

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