Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oudtshoorn - La Plume Guesthouse

We drove north through beautiful mountain passes, to Oudtshoorn, in the Little Karoo, where we stayed at La Plume Guesthouse , the family home of the third generation who own the ostrich farm here, opened in 2005 as a guesthouse. It's one of the former "Ostrich Palaces" built by farmers made rich by the boom in the ostrich feather trade of the late 1800s, a boom that crashed in 1914. This area has the largest ostrich population in the world, still selling feathers, but also meat and leather from the birds. They thrive in this semi-desert area inland from the southern coast of South Africa.

The view from the guesthouse:

Our lovely room, the former master bedroom of the family house:

Is this a seriously well-appointed bathroom, or what?

The dining rooms

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