Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jakob Basson Combined School

OAT supports schools and orphanages in each of the countries it conducts tours through, and in Damaraland they support the Jakob Basson Combined School, which is a boarding school since distances between villages in the area are so great. At least some of us found it charming to see a reminder of home on one of the kid's backpacks:

The ninth-grade classroom we visited:

Aren't the girls beautiful?

After visiting the school, we headed off for lunch, passing what our guide Rudy calls a "Kalahari Ferrari:"

The northern part of Namibia gets more rainfall than the south and you can see there's even some permanent water in the rivers:

Further down the riverbed, however, was an even more welcome sight, lunch laid out under the shade of a spreading mopane tree:

This is the life, eh? So very "Out of Africa!"

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The pictures are great .