Sunday, November 20, 2011

Himba Village

While in Damaraland, we visited a Himba tribal encampment. A pastoral people, the Himba raise livestock. As a people, they suffered from the same attempt at genocide by the Germans in the early 20th century and because of their proximity to the Angolan border, many died in that conflict. Terrible drought in the 1980s killed most of their cattle and forced many of them into cities and refugee camps. They have had a resurgence since, and have formed conservancies to protect their ancestral lands and benefit from tourism. This is typical of the huts they live in:

This tree holds pots, bags and other day-to-day items belonging to the tribe:

A kraal protects livestock from wild animals at night:

The Himba women cover themselves in a mixture of red ochre and animal fat, both for beauty and protection from the sun. This is a grinding stone for making the ochre into a powder.
And everywhere, there are cute kids!

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