Sunday, November 20, 2011

Damaraland Wilderness Camp

The "little plane that could" brought us safely to Damaraland:

Namibia is the only country in the world that provides for protection of the environment in its constitution. One of the ways they ensure success at that goal is the establishment of local conservancies, led by local people, who receive training and support in managing communal land and wildlife and allowing the local community to work with private companies to create and manage tourism, from which the entire community benefits. There are about 50 of these conservancies in Namibia and the one in Damaraland, the Torra Conservancy, is the most successful of them. They recently built the Damaraland Wilderness Camp, operated now by a private company with the goal of training local people to eventually take over management of the Camp. We got the warm welcome we'd come to expect in Namibia from the staff:

And our accommodation barely met the definition of a tent! We'd have been happy to stay in perpetuity...

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