Sunday, November 20, 2011

Penduka and farewell to Windhoek

Our next, and final, stop in Windhoek was Penduka, which means "wake up," a women’s workshop where they do embroidery, batik, beadwork, pottery, sewing, and glass beads from broken bottles. They've decorated the exterior of one of the buildings with wonderful paintings:
Here are some samples of their batik, which is done with a flour paste, not wax.
We d luncheon on a man-made lake run by Penduka and all the staff turned out to do a little dancing, drumming and singing for us.
Naturally the first thing that caught my eye at the airport was this wonderful and weird succulent tree:
Our chariot for the flight to the Kulala wilderness:

...but we had to wait until this odd little craft took off ahead of us...

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