Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dublin's Archaeological and National Museums

Lovely to spend time in a city where the museums charge no admission! We visited the Archaeological Museum, a Victorian confection with more stuff than they can adequately display, hoping to find materials from Knowth or Newgrange. Didn't have much luck on that score, but the building and its treasures are quite something.

When we were there, their substantial collection of jewelry was front and center:

This odd carved piece was the only find from Knowth:
By the time we made it to the National Museum, our feet had about had it, so we made a beeline for the famed Tara Brooch. A Celtic piece dating from around 700 AD, it's one of over 50 elaborate Irish brooches discovered to date:
They had plenty of others, as well:

And a lovely jeweled cross:

And, on that note, here endeth our two-week blitz of the Emerald Isle. Stay tuned for further adventures...

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