Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Burren

Since we had plenty of time to get to Galway, we wandered about just taking it all in. One of the first human structures to throw itself in our path was the ruined Castle Dunguaire, built in 1520, near the town of Kinvarra and said to be the most photographed castle in I did:
As you can see, the weather was about what you'd expect for Ireland, but Dunguaire is in a pretty area.

Nearby is the town of Lisdoonvarna (now doesn't that just sound Irish?), with a lovely statue group of a pair of dancers and a few musicians.
One of the most striking things in the Burren is the Poulnabrune dolmen, a portal tomb dating to Neolithic times, probably built sometime 4200 and 2900 BC. It's very dramatic from a distance, standing above the rock.

Just enough soil surrounds it to support some tough and pretty little flowers:


Cafe Pasadena said...

This is quite a travelblog. You def live to travel!
From what I've seen, most of the best blogs receive little to no comments. Unfortunately, and understandably, therefore these bloggers usually give up blogging. I hope this isn't the case here and that you'll continue in 2013!

Diana said...

The blog's mostly seen by friends and family who like to follow my travels, Cafe, so if they comment, it's usually in an email to me instead of on the blog. Never fear, as much of a pain as it is to edit the photos and write up the text, I'm not likely to give up on the blog! And I'm glad you enjoyed rambling through Ireland with me...