Sunday, July 29, 2012


Powerscourt is one of those grand country estates the English built during their occupation of Ireland. The house was originally a 13th century castle, extensively altered in the 18th century. It became a burned-out shell in 1974 and was rebuilt in 1996. Now the estate sports a Ritz-Carlton hotel and golf course, among other amenities. The house is not open for viewing, but the extensive grounds are, with their sweeping view of the Wickow Mountains (although haze muted the view the day we were there, as you can see following).

 The stairs leading from the house down to the lake and lower gardens are done in pebble mosaic. This statue at the head of the stairs undergoes the usual avian insult...

The stairs from below:
Below the first set of stairs are formal flower beds set in the lawns

At the foot of the next set of stairs is a lake bedizened with statuary and fountains:

Looking back up from the lake are views of the grand house itself:

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