Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Naples Arch. Museum Frescoes & Mosaics

You want frescoes? We got plenty o’ frescoes - luckily for you, this is just a tiny sample. Remember the archways where those who did not escape Herculaneum stood in the photos earlier? This is what they would have looked like when the ocean still came that far inland and the harbor was active:

Mosaics? Plenty of those as well, some so detailed you would swear they were paintings:

 Mosaic of Alexander triumphing over Darius in 333 B.C. Sadly, this mosaic was intact before they tried removing it to the museum, losing much of it in the process:

 Detail of Alexander in his Medusa breastplate on his legendary horse, Bucephalus:
 Another detail:

 Mosaic column, and detail below showing tiny seashells set into the base:

Mosaic niche:

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