Tuesday, June 25, 2013


There’s hardly anything you can say about Venice that isn’t a total cliche, so I won’t blither too much here, just a few facts about some of the places we saw and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. And yes, there are a lot of photos, but you’ll see about half what I actually took, so be grateful!

When you get off the train in Venice, here’s what you see -- and it just gets better from there.

 Here’s the little campo where our lodging was:

St. Mark’s Square is where every tourist lands up, so might as well start there. From the water, you see the Doge’s Palace first, with the two adjacent columns that flaunt the lion of St. Mark and St. Theodore, and the Campanile for St. Mark’s Basilica.

You walk along the side of the Doge's Palace, through the columns, to get into the Square itself:

  Side of the Doge's Palace:

The columns with the lion of St. Mark on the left and St. Theodore on the right:

 The Campanile:

The Square itself is best seen from above:

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