Tuesday, June 25, 2013

St. Mark's interior and San Zaccaria church

Photos are not allowed in the Basilica, but since this prohibition was honored more in the breach, I joined the scofflaws. Mostly, I loved the floors:

But the ceilings and the arches aren’t anything to despise, either:

There are plenty of other magnificent churches in Venice, and one we especially liked was St. Zaccaria (the relics of the Zaccaria, the father of John the Baptist, supposedly repose here). A mix of Renaissance and Gothic style, it was built between 1444 and 1515 on the foundation and was the Doges’ private church until St. Mark’s was built (maybe because at least three doges were assassinated in the streets around St. Zaccaria...), so it’s quite opulent and has a Bellini altarpiece.

 Piazza San Zaccaria:


Bellini altarpiece:


Bellini painting of Mary and the Baby Jesus:

 Roman mosaic exposed under one of the floors:

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