Friday, January 10, 2014

Budak village and Lake Beşehir

One of the things I love about Overseas Adventure Travel is that you usually have a meal with a local family and can chat with them about their lives, politics, culture or whatever else you want. In this case, we had dinner with a local family, stayed overnight in their home, and had breakfast the next day before leaving. There are four generations living in this compound, although we did not meet the great-grandparents:

The baby was a big hit with me:
There were several dwellings in the compound, but the family is building a new home with three flats, one for the grandparents, and one each for the two sons and their wives and children. That's where we stayed overnight and it was quite comfortable and modern:
The family farms for a living and they are obviously quite successful at it:

In the morning before we left, we took a stroll through the village to the Lake.

 En route, we were nearly run down by sheep on their way to pasture!

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