Friday, January 10, 2014


We made it to Antalya at last. Coming into the city, you see acres and acres of greenhouses, growing tomatoes and all kinds of other produce:

Antalya's a beautiful modern city of nearly one million population which wears its modern and ancient parts well. We stopped first at the very impressive Karpuzkaldiran waterfall gushing into the sea from the Taurus Mountains.
The Mediterranean is truly gorgeous here, clear and a deep turquoise green:

We stayed in the old part of Antalya, lots of winding streets with wonderful old houses:

This fluted minaret, near our hotel, is the symbol of Antalya:
Near it is the Sahat Kulesi (clock tower), once part of the city's fortifications:
The streetcar runs quite close to the area we stayed in and was an efficient way to get around.
Not too far away was Hadrian's Gate, a triumphal arch built in his name for a visit he made here in 130.

En route, I was happy to see the city indulges in a little whimsy with respect to its street statuary. I particularly enjoyed this frog orchestra:
One evening, we went to the Marina for dinner. Here are some views from day and evening:

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