Friday, January 10, 2014

Demre to Fethiye and the Turquoise Coast

Myra's on the outskirts of Demre, where we stopped for lunch. It's another place with vast greenhouses growing more tomatoes that you can imagine:
 I loved this old woman selling pomegranates and citrus on the streets of Demre:
Finally, we made it to Fethiye, our jumping off point for the Turquoise Coast, which we cruised for five days and four nights on a gulet, a traditional two- or three-masted wooden sailing ship that rarely sails, mostly using diesel motors nowadays. The maritime equivalent of the bellboy's luggage cart:
And here she is, the Hasin Bey out of Marmaris:

One of the first places we visited was a deserted Greek village called Levissa, in which the novel, "Bird without Wings" was set. Upon establishment of the modern Turkish state in 1923, former enemies Greece and Turkey agreed to exchange citizens. All Greek residents of Turkey, even if they'd been born and lived all their lives in Turkey, were forcibly "repatriated" to Greece; similarly, Greek residents of Turkish extraction were sent to Turkey. Some of these Turks populated the now-deserted Greek villages, but not this one.

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