Friday, January 10, 2014

The Zeugma Mosaic Museum, part deux

Poseidon, Oceanus and Thetis:
Perseus and Andromeda:
And a detail from the above:

Triumph of Dionysis:
And a detail of the above mosaic:
There are lots of mosaics in the museum that are geometric:
 Looks pretty contemporary, doesn't it?

A few animals:

It's the details that make some of these mosaics so compelling:

In a couple of places in the museum, they've essentially recreated the rooms in which the mosaics were found, which is particularly effective, I think:
An interior room:
Finally, the enormous Akdegirmen ambulatorium:

This marks the end of the 2013 trip, but please stay with me in the next few posts for some photos I took in northeastern and eastern Turkey in 1990, places I did not return to during the 2013 trip.

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