Friday, January 10, 2014

Cappadocia - hot air balloon!

These weren't available (that I recall) when I was in Cappadocia in 1990, but they are the best way to really get a sense of this weird landscape (even if you do have to get up long before dawn and it's freezing cold...).
Firing up:
 I don't often pose for the camera, but I'm well disguised, except for the felt hat, in this one, I feel...
And what views you get from the air (along with the hundred or so other hot-air balloons up at the same time)!

This is an old cemetery:

 Doesn't this look like some kind of coral formation?

 Dovecotes carved into the hillside; there used to be thousands of doves kept here for eggs and meat, but few are left now.

 Kangal dogs trotting to breakfast or their job herding sheep:

 The sun starts to rise and you can see that every bit of semi-level soil is cultivated.

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