Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The first small town we spent any noteworthy amount of time in was Évora, called Ebora by the Celts; it dates back before Roman times, but the Romans conquered the town because of its importance as the junction of several trade routes. They called it Ebora Cerealis for all the wheat fields around it. Today, it has a bit over 55,000 population and has been rated the number two city in livability in Portugal. We laid our heads down at night at the Pousada do Loios, a converted former monastery.

The Pousada adjoins São João Evangelista:

The Pousada is exquisite inside:

And the rooms are identified with a reminder of the building's origin as a monastery, of course:

Right outside the Pousada is a Roman Temple, allegedly dedicated to Diana, the only such ruin in Portugal:

Other traces of history survive as well, like this ancient aqueduct:

The remnants of a church in which Ferdinand and Isabella were married:

And historic or not, it's just a pretty little town:

Pretty Manueline windows:

Portas de Moura (Gate of the Moors):


Renaissance fountain, 1556

São Antão church

What town is complete without some street musicians?

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