Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On the Road from Seville

Beautiful countryside between Carmona and our next destination, Ronda, including acres and acres of sunflowers, grown for oil.

We stopped at an old cemetery with a memorial to the victims of Franco:

 Zahara, one of Andalucia's "Piedras Blancas," or white villages, sited on a beautiful lake

Along the way, we visited ReservaTauro, a ranch operated by a well-known bullfighter, who raises bulls and horses for bullfighting, as well as oaks to supply acorns to feed the black pigs who provide tasty Jamón ibérico


 We got a demonstration of herding bulls and the training of a young horse:

Interesting legwear and stirrup, but note to self: don't get so close that the horse steps on your sandal and knocks you down...

A two-year-old being trained for the bullring

Rocky, who is a solid as a brick wall, is the mount of the picador

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