Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The capital of Spain has more architectural wonders to offer than anywhere else in Iberia and it's so easy to get around in.

Monument to Cervantes

 Columbus Monument

Neptune Fountain

Mercado de San Miguel

blue bottle chandelier

This display gives new meaning to "obsessive compulsive"

 Montana Army Barracks memorial

 ...on top of which is an Egyptian Temple - why not? Dismantled and reconstructed here, the Temple of Debod was a gift to Spain in gratitude for its help with saving the Temple of Abu Simbel during the Aswan Dam construction.

The are plenty of buildings in Madrid that rise above the ordinary:


Detail from the Art Nouveau building above

Statue of Icarus falling adorns the top of this building

This bear eating mulberries is the symbol of Madrid

Even the new stuff's kind of interesting

These are the oldest apartment buildings in Madrid, about 300 years, so forgive them if they're slumping a bit

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