Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oviedo - Public Sculptures

Oviedo is full of bronze public sculptures depicting historical and contemporary figures.

La Lechera, bringing her milk to market on her donkey

The restaurant behind La Lechera,  cleverly named Trastaburro (which means "Behind the Burro" in Spanish)

La Bella Lola, a tribute to women waiting for their fishermen to return from the sea

La Regenta, a character in a Spanish novel of the same name, representing Ana, a sort of Anna Karenina figure

The Market Women

And my personal favorite, 1993's The Traveler ("The Return of Williams B Arrensberg"), Arrensberg likely being a very obscure American author, as it turns out.

And, finally, Woody Allen, who filmed part of his movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" in Oviedo. It took some serious persuasion on the part of the city to get Allen to appear for its dedication.

And with that, our sojourn in Portugal and Spain comes to an end. Watch this space for our next installment, the Jewels of Bohemia...

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