Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Merida was founded by Augustus in 25 B.C., who called it Augustus Emerita, from which the current name derives.

You cross the Guadiana River entering the city across the old Roman bridge, now strictly for foot traffic:

The modern bridge by Santiago Calatrava

The present-day town is quite pretty, although it's the Roman ruins that most people come to see:

Town Hall

Notice its stork nest...

Can't have anyplace that hasn't got a Burger King these days, can you?

Now, onto the Roman stuff. Bits and pieces along the street

Part of the Forum of Augustus

Temple of Diana

Note the Renaissance-era building set into the ruins

Roman amphitheater

  Amphitheater's peristyle colonade

Roman Theater



an actress

Rafael Moneo, architect of Los Angeles' Cathedral, has built a fabulous building to house the museum for artifacts from the ruins

Look how beautifully it echoes the old Roman walls of Merida

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