Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Alentajo: Wine, horses and carriages

We visited Monte da Ravasqueira, a large lovely property that makes wine, as well as raising cattle and black pigs for the famous cured ham product, Jamón ibérico.

Lusitano horses, a Portuguese horse closely related to the Spanish Andalusian, used to be raised at Monte da Ravasqueira. The late owner's fabulous collection of horse carriages is on display to visitors. Here's just a small sample of these gorgeous vehicles:

Carro Alentajo, a19th century heavy cart for one horse.

19th century Spyder from Rothschild & Sons, Paris

18th century Berlinda

19th century Carro de Crianças

Nearby is the town of Arrialos, known for its tapestry rugs, but a very pretty place on its own:

I'm not normally all that fond of pigeons, but I like the serendipity of this one invading my photograph!

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